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Kids of the internet

Kids of the Internet

Predetaros, watchdogs and the cyber-aware kids.

ISBN 978-9957-699-73-4
Publisher Fada’at Publishing (Jordan)
Language Arabic
Year of Publication       2018

In a world shaped by the internet, IoT-based technologies and artificial intelligence. Cyber-attacks will no longer target our cyber security only, and our own physical safety and security will be challenged.The book explains, in great technical detail, the cyber-security challenges currently faced by society, the importance of privacy and digital safety, and the ethical dilemmas associated with monitoring children in their usage of digital products.

This book is the result of a 12-month research project aimed at bridging cyber-security and cyber-privacy with educational psychology. The research was conducted with the guidance of experts in related fields. It subsequently establishes a systematic approach to creating a cyber security-aware mindset among children.

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