Marching through the Alps: Leading Engineering Teams in Challenging Environments

The year is 218 BC, and the war between Carthage and Rome rages on. Two ancient superpowers are locked in a head-to-head battle for dominance over the Mediterranean. Hannibal, a 28-year-old Carthaginian general, leads his troops through the unfriendly terrain of the French Alps to launch an attack on the Roman mainland.

Fraud Detection Deep Dive

When you think about fraud, thoughts of complex modern financial operations may pop into your head. However, on the contrary, financial fraud has existed since the dawn of time. The earliest recorded case of financial fraud was recorded in ancient Greece around the year 300 BC, when two merchants planned a hustle to build a small fortune.

Technical Overview of Payment Integrations

The digital commerce scene has changed drastically in the last few years. The shift in digital commerce patterns has, without a shadow of a doubt, changed how customers perceive their favorite commercial brands. During the pandemic, online sales of essential daily goods boomed, reaching an unprecedented growth rate – 200% more than in previous years.

Digital Commerce Trends of the Pandemic: Buy Online, Pick In-Store.

A year has passed since the start of the pandemic—a tough year for sure, and it cast a shadow over everyone. Throughout the year, we had to think faster and more creatively than ever before to stop the bleeding and to overcome all the adversities we faced. By the end of 2020, we’d developed so many bright solutions, both brand new ideas and ones that we already had but that hadn’t disrupted the market enough before.

[WEBINAR] CyberSource Payment Integration - Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

Payment processing is one of the most important areas of any e-commerce platform, it’s even considered one of the backbones of these platforms. Knowing your way around this area is a critical skill that every digital commerce developer should have in their wheelhouse. In this webinar, I share my expierence on payment gateways and demonstrate how to integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Cybersource, an ecommerce credit card payment management solution.